remembrance day

today at  school for remembrance day we had a bid assembly and people from the army and embassy of Israel came  and they talked about oct 7 and we were lighting candles an d listening to a song and singing the hatikva/Israels national anthem. we had a lot of fun listening to the people and the older students talking and it was very interesting.after we all went back to our class for genorations day and had a lot of cool activities.



my vacation.

in class we are learning figurative language and we also just had a brake. so we had to use figurative language to explain our brake. this is what i did.

during my brake i ate so so much that it looked like i was a squirrel after the winter.

my brake was so fun that my heart was beating faster than the speed of light.


fete de pourim.

Pour la fête de Pourim, mon costume est Capitaine Slip. La raison pour laquelle j’ai décidé d’être Capitaine Slip est car j’aime ce costume, il est comfortable et c’est l’un des seuls bons costumes que j’ai.Je l’ai aussi porté parce que c’était le seul costume que j’avais trouvé dans ma chambre.


Le costumeque j’ai vu ce matin que j’aime le plus est josh.

למה יעקב רוצה לחזור לארצ כנען.

הסיבות שאני חושב על למה יעקב רוצה ללחת חזרה לארצ כנען זה ביגלל שלבן תמוד משקר לו ומרמה אותו פעם אחרי פעם והאו ממשיח להסות את זאוד פעמ ועם זכורה יעקו לא יכול לארביאח כספ. באני הסיבה השניה זביגלל שיי אמר ליעקב לחזור והאו אמר שהאו ישמור על יעקב אבל גם יכול ליהיות שיעקב רוצה לחזור כי היה לאו גבר הסכם אם לבן ומי האסכם הזה האו הרביאח מלה כספ ואז לבן גנב ליעקב את הדברים שלו. אבל אני חושב שזה ביגלל שיי אמר ליעכב.


today we explored fractions and after we learned a little more about fractions i want to talk about it. i relearned about the 4 types of fractions 0 fractions a half fractions a whole fractions and improper fractions.i already knew everything else.

Have you ever been in class and thought to yourself ‘oh I wish we could be outside right now’…

Have you ever been in class and thought to yourself ‘oh I wish we could be outside right now. It would help me work so much better’. Well that’s what I’m going to be talking about today. Hello, my name is Aviv, and today I’m going to be telling you about why kids should have outdoor education and why this would help a lot with our learning.


I believe children should not spend 8 hours of the day between 4 walls. Nature is the best classroom. The scenery always changes.  There is always something interesting and new to learn. Nature school provides opportunities for hands-on, real life learning. For example, in my nature program I made bowls and cups from clay from a river, how cool is that? We could never do things like that indoors. Did you know that it is proven that being in nature increases your creativity by 60%? Well if you didn’t, now you do and this is just one of the many reasons why outdoor learning is helpful and more effective for teaching. I found that I’m feeling more creative since I started going to my nature program. Every child learns in their own different way. Some kids struggle in the classroom, but shine when given tasks outside in nature.


Additionally, kids nowadays spend way too much time in front of the screens, and I’m sorry to   say that it does include me. There is no technology in nature. Instead children are more physically active throughout the day. They are stronger, calmer and more relaxed after school outdoors. Being outside, a person’’s relaxation increases by 55%! Crazy right? In addition it also reduces  cortisol levels, a hormone in your body that reflects stress, by 12%. Being outdoors brings less stress and that is something we could all use!


Nature has been proven time and time again to reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and anger. I can say from my own experience that nature boosts my wellbeing and the moment I go to nature I feel calmer and happier. And just as kids in regular schools are obliged to keep their classroom clean, children in  nature school become more aware of the environment around them, and take care to keep it clean and safe instead of littering like, unfortunately, lots of people often do these days. 


The risk of getting germs is reduced significantly by being outside. In fact, open air learning was used to prevent the spread of Tuberculosis in the early 20th century. We could have used outdoor education. We could have tried using it for covid 19  instead of using masks inside which was uncomfortable, made it hard to breath, and I’m pretty sure we’re all happy they’re gone now, I know I am! 


I belive that every kid should have outdoor education. Just think about what I said. Maybe  you could send your kids to learn outside. Or maybe you could change your own school into an outdoor school. This could really change the way kids look at school, instead of being stuck inside all day, it could be a wonderful outdoor experience! Consider it, and thank you for listening.








Science – Rocks and Minerals

Hello everyone!  Today we took cookies and excavated them like the cookies were the earth and the chocolate chips are rocks (We put the leftovers in a bag to enjoy later!)

There are 3 types of rock.

Geologists are people that study the earth.

I enjoyed it because we used cookies.

Innovation day.

Introduction (introduce the project)

Task: What were supposed to make a castle with a working drawbridge.

Facts, castles were used to protect important people in the medieval ages. Facts about lords and serfs, lords and serfs were important and unimportant people. although i think that serfs were honourable people. did you know that a feudal system were upper and lower class.

Drawbridges: a drawbridge is a bridge that is pulled up and down by pulleys and gears.drawbridges were also used for castle defense. There are also bascule modern day draw bridges.


Food and feasting halls.

In feasting halls there would be 2 tables 1 would be for important and unimportant people.important people would get good food unlike the peasants. They use to cut with wood en knifes. Most foods that they ate were illeagle foods now.


castles are big houses./

Science section (Pulleys and Gears)







My hypothesis/start idea.

My procedure/middle.

Final Design:

Self Assessment: 


self reflection

my question was what i liked and disliked about the project.I liked building the castle and i didn’t like making the blog. what i would do differently next time is work a little more on my blog.

My stop motion project.

My stop motion project is a film that I did with 2 other freinds. It’s based on a book called: ‘The wild robot. Me and my group desided what we think is the most important skript in the book.We chose 2 of the last couple scenes.


We chose the scene were the recos come and attack and the first part of the battle. The video is 56 seconds long.


The Wild Robot : Brown, Peter: BooksThis is the book.