My summer break.


For my summer break I went to Israel. We also went for my sister’s Bat Mitzvah 

First, I went to Haifa for a week.  We got there on a flight with my mom, my dad and my sister. The flight took 11 hours! I felt so tired but happy to get to Israel! 

After that, all twenty people in our family came to a giant villa in  Moshav Gadish. In the front  of  the Villa there was a giant building. In the back there was a giant pool table, a ping pong table, a giant place for everybody to eat, a giant hot tub and a giant kitchen. In the back there were also a bunch of cabins for everybody to sleep at with hot tubs. A couple of the people in my family slept in the front building including me and my mom and my dad. 

Next, we went to a villa in Eilat  for a week. We went diving. It was my third time diving. We needed to put on a suit, goggles and a tank but my hands felt cold because I didn’t have gloves. We saw an octopus, an eel, pufferfish, and clamshells that closed when we got closer. There was also lots of coral and a lot of special colourful fish. One of the fish was huge and was the colours of the rainbow. While we were there, my sister did a diving course  for a week. It was nice when she was doing her course because I was able to have time with my family members. While Ayala was diving, we spent time at the beach. We went snorkeling in coral paths and swam around. I love going to the beach in Israel because there is so much to do and the sand is super soft. 

Finally, we went back home on a flight which took 11 hours. I was sad to be leaving because I like Israel more than Canada. I hope to go back to visit during one of our breaks. I would go back tomorrow if I could! When we got home, we got our dog back from my dog’s babysitter. My puppy didn’t leave us alone for the rest of the day because she missed us so much. I was so happy to see my dog and gave her lots of attention! It felt weird to be home again and it didn’t really feel like home… I still feel like Israel is home. I had a great vacation and I can’t wait to go back!




How I live

This is how I live so basically I have one ☝️ sister that screams all day long and I have two beautiful mom and dad and one adorable puppy 🐶I have 2 grandmas and 2 grandpas I have 12 cousins 1 uncle 3 aunts I love 💕 my family so so much but my sister is annoying sometimes you have to agree on that.

My dog

This is my dog 🐕🐶🐩my dog is the best and cutest thing ever 🥺my  dog is also very smart to and also she is a very very very rare breed although they are called commondoors I love 💗 my dog 🐶 so so much.


About Me

Hello 👋 my name is Anggy boy 69 and my favorite food 🥘 is soup 🥣 my favorite 📺 show is avatar my favorite game is banana Kong and my favourite thing is Pokémon cards and TV.